Become a Foster Carer

Our little group runs in the format of a Community Foster Care Network - this means that we don't have a 'home base' as such, but rely solely on individuals opening up their homes and hearts to take in foster animals. Foster carers are vital to our rescue and directly impact on our capacity to help animals in need.​​​

Our foster carers take on a range of responsibilities - and it is up to each foster carer how involved they want to be. Some carers offer to provide food and bedding for their fosters in order to further support the rescue, while many others we provide all suplies for. Some of our carers simply provide a home environment for animals, while others are involved in transport to and from vet appointments or adoptions, or volunteer at events.

Many people express concern that it will be so hard to part with an animal when it gets adopted, but we can assure that it is so rewarding when you see an animal you have cared for find a happy family who is so excited to meet them. And if that isn't convincing, seeing and hearing the stories of animals waiting to come into care reminds you just how important your role is - and what a direct impact you can make on the lives of these animals.

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